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  • 09-22-2021
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It is a very difficult but very rewarding process to become a black belt in Taekwondo. Students must be dedicated, and train regularly, for at least 3 years. At Achieve Martial Arts students begin as a white belt. Generally, white belt students, or beginner students, who train regularly will advance to the next belt level in 2 months. As students progress and advance to higher level belts the training time requirement takes longer. At our school we hope and expect that all our students will ultimately test for their black belt.

Many of our beginner students come to our school without previous martial arts experience or natural ability. Over time, with consistent training, our students develop into very able and talented martial artists. Through their development of advanced striking and kicking techniques, self defense skills, fighting and escaping techniques, and board breaking skills, our students develop confidence, discipline, respect, and self control. These are very positive traits that they can effectively use in other areas of their lives.

At Achieve Martial Arts, we hope to teach our students that the process of becoming a black belt is a positive journey; one that actually becomes a healthy and beneficial lifestyle. Once a student earns their black belt we hope they continue their training in order to earn advanced degrees, and perhaps demonstrate their abilities in competitions, and teach martial arts to others.