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  • 07-01-2021
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After a year-long postponement, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will finally take place in Tokyo, Japan, Friday, July 23 - Sunday, August 8, 2021. The instructors at Achieve Martial Arts are excited to watch the Taekwondo matches and encourage all of our students to do the same.

You will see the best Taekwondo athletes in the world demonstrate amazing Olympic style sparring techniques as they compete for the gold, silver, and, bronze medals. By watching the Taekowndo matches we are not only showing support for the sport and the athletes, but it demonstrates to the Olympic Committee that Taekwondo is a popular and respected Olympic sport!

Tokyo Olympic Taekwondo Schedule:

Friday, July 23 - Starts 9pm EDT

Saturday, July 24 - Start 6am EDT & 9pm EDT

Sunday, July 25 - Start 6am EDT & 9pm EDT

Monday, July 26 - Start 6am EDT & 9pm EDT

Tuesday, July 27 - Starts 6am EDT